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How to Inspire Others to Go Zero Waste? [PART I]

Zero Waste is not new to you and you have spent a lot of time developing eco-friendly habits to minimise your waste? Plastic toothbrushes, bottles and bags can no longer be found in your home? Well, congratulations!

Individual action is important and every little swap helps to reduce plastic pollution. You probably agree that it’s all about changing habits. Once acquired, you don’t think about them anymore. It has simply become your lifestyle. BUT… along the way, you’ve also gained a deep inside knowledge of zero-waste practices. That is incredibly valuable because you can help others to give up their wasteful habits. The more people know about the problem and solutions, the bigger the impact!

So, why not take your zero-waste journey to the next level and pass on your expertise? This article will provide you with inspiration on how to share your excitement with your loved ones.

We all want family and friends to support our life choices and join our missions. Of course, you can’t control someone else’s lifestyle, but you can raise awareness and share your story and enthusiasm. Our three steps will help you to get your people on board: tell them, show them, support them!

Spark an interest

Plastic pollution is finally on the global agenda. The issue has recently gained incredible media coverage, and also the zero-waste movement has made a noise in the world. There couldn’t be a better time to bring it up in a conversation with family or friends.

You are the expert: share your knowledge on the topic and talk about your efforts to reduce your ecological footprint. Be open to discussions and questions. Some things might be obvious to you but not to them.

Clearly, not everyone will understand you and your motivations and that is totally normal. Don’t force it! Instead, set a good example and live it! Thereby you prove that it is actually possible and worth it.

If a friend or family member shows interest and wants to know more, you can move on to the next step.

Involve them in your zero-waste lifestyle

Give them a first glimpse of the zero-waste lifestyle. Invite them to join you at the supermarket and show them how you avoid plastic packaging. Or what about going for a walk together to pick up litter? You’ve decided to bake your own bread or make your own toothpaste? Great, teach them the recipe or surprise them with a little gift.

The goal is to prove that this lifestyle is possible and fun and not a sacrifice. And hopefully, it convinces them to try it for themselves.

Share your favourite resources and tips

Your efforts paid off and a family member or friend is determined to live at least a bit eco-friendlier? It’s time to offer your support! What has helped you on your plastic-free journey? Books, blogs, documentaries or Facebook groups? Share them with your zero-waste newbies. It will allow them to discover the topic at their own pace and find alternatives that suit their lives best.

You’ve probably also experimented a lot with different products and recipes. Make their lives easy and share your insider tips. Don’t keep your favourite bamboo toothbrush a secret! Instead, recommend your best eco-friendly products to your friends and family and spare them the research.

You’ve recruited a new zero-waste enthusiast? Be proud! Together you can continue your sustainable journey, inspire more people and learn from each other.

The next part of this series explains how you can raise awareness in your wider community.

Have you tried one of these ideas? What is your experience?
Share your zero-waste knowledge and experience with friends, family and colleagues
and help the zero-waste movement grow!

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