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A better way than throw-away

The era of throw-away living is a threat to all life forms on earth. The devastating effects of plastic pollution can be seen even in the remotest places on earth.

We believe the simplest solution to plastic pollution is to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat.

Zero-waste swaps

At Bambaw, we develop reusable or biodegradable alternatives to wasteful products which we call “zero-waste swaps”.

These swaps tackle the source of the issue by eliminating waste creation at the consumer’s level.

Sustainable by Design

The Bambaw zero-waste swaps can be reused many times or biodegrade quickly. We achieve this by using only durable and sustainable materials, such as stainless steel and bamboo.

Production Process

Business for Good

Bambaw believes that companies should be a source of good for society. Therefore, our swaps are sustainably designed, ethically developed and shipped in CO2 neutrality.

Our story

Research & Awareness

Plastic pollution deserves global attention. To help spread the word Bambaw supports two leading organisations active in plastic pollution research and awareness campaigns.

Zero-Waste Partners

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They have made the swap

"Amazing, lovely product which I use every day.. Can't go back to the single use pads anymore." Marianna

"It’s a well weighted razor, the bamboo handle giving it a nice warm feel in the hand. Looks good, feels good, works well." Matt

"I love this cutlery set! It has everything I need and it fits perfectly in my purse. The straw and the brush are a great addition". Becky

"Happy with these straws - variety of sizes and the pouch and cleaning brush is a bonus - highly recommend." Dorothy