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Bambaw Reinvents the Shaving Ritual with the Safety Razor for Men

"It was better before!”

Usually, when we hear this phrase, we tend to roll our eyes and tell ourselves that, deep down, it’s not that bad . That might not be the case when it comes to our shaving habits. Shaving is the perfect opportunity to relax and pamper yourself.

Let's find out why (in this case) “it was better before", how our shaving accessories help you rediscover the pleasure of an old-fashioned shave, while at the same time addressing contemporary issues such as the preservation of our environment.

 Safety Razor for Men

Why choose a single-blade razor over disposable razors?

Industry manufacturers continue to develop disposable plastic razors, adding blade after blade and touting their precision and ease of use. But why this obsession with the blades?

The more, the better?

Again, the question has to be asked. After all, a single, properly sharpened blade ensures a close shave while reducing the number of times the blade comes in contact with the skin. The more blades, the greater the risk of cuts under the skin, and therefore of ingrown hairs.

With its single blade and closed comb, our safety razor for men makes shaving more pleasant while reducing the risk of razor burn. This is why our razor is, among other things, perfectly suited for sensitive skin.

Precise shaving and slower regrowth with the double edge safety razor

For our safety razor for men, we chose a Swedish stainless steel razor blade. The incomparable sharpness of the blade ensures a clean cut and leaves the skin soft and clean for longer. In fact, regrowth will be slower than with a multi-blade manual razor. Discover the safety razor for beginners and our article: how to use a safety razor? 

 Safety Razor for Men

The safety razor for men: a cost-effective solution

As well as being more environmentally friendly, the Bambaw safety razor for men is a more economical solution than disposable razors.

No more buying a plastic razor every 6 months nor buying plastic razor heads that are very difficult to recycle. Using a Bambaw razor, you only need to change the blade depending on how often you shave and the type of hair. If you change your blade once a month, for example, our pack of 100 blades will provide over 8 years of shaving.

In addition, the double-edged blades are recyclable, universal, affordable and available in most supermarkets and online shops.

The long-term alternative to disposable razors

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we use more than two billion single-use razors each year. This generates a considerable amount of plastic waste that is either burned or released into the environment.

Fortunately, there are more environmentally friendly options. The safety razor is a good alternative to disposable plastic razors. Made from brass, these traditional razors are designed to last over time.

 Safety Razor for Men

Gift idea: a Bambaw safety razor for men

Eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products are on the rise. Whether it's for you or someone else, the Bambaw double edge safety razor is the perfect gift:

  • Made from brass and stainless steel, our safety razor is a product that will last for years. Allowing the proud owner to think of you, year after year.
  • The Bambaw safety razor for men is an elegant object, whether it is the bamboo or brass version. The razor will be a hit with your friends and family. To keep the razor close at hand, you can opt for the Bambaw razor stand. This way, you ensure that the bathroom of the lucky someone remains well organized plus it prevents the razor from lying on the edge of the sink and falling off.
  • Take care of yourself and those around you. Shaving with a safety razor is a perfect opportunity to relax and establish a new shaving ritual.

Our safety razors are unisex. Are you looking for a safety razor for women too? Our collections can be adapted to your wishes:

Your questions about the safety razor for men

How do I use a safety razor?

Our safety razor is easy to use and is totally suitable for a beginner. However, shaving with a safety razor is not the same as with a disposable razor. That's why we've provided a comprehensive user manual to help you get a perfect shave.

What is the best skin care to combine with a close shave?

Before shaving, using a shaving soap and shaving brush helps prepare your skin by exfoliating impurities from your pores and softening the hair. This makes your razor glide more easily over your skin. It is also advisable to use a moisturizer after shaving to avoid redness and irritation.

Can I use the double edge safety razor every day?

Yes, it is perfectly suitable for daily use. Whether you want to shave your beard, armpits, moustache or contour your face, the safety razor for men is suitable for all parts of the body. For more information, you can find all the usage and maintenance tips in our online manual.

Can it be used in the shower?

Our double edge safety razor is perfectly suited for use in the shower thanks to its non-slip grip and handle. For more information on how to use and care for this product, you can consult the online user manual.

 Safety Razor for Men

When should I change the blade of my safety razor for men?

This depends on your hair growth and how often you shave. If you shave five times a week, you should consider changing the blade of your double edge safety razor once a month.

How do I care for my razor so that it lasts?

Our bamboo and metal razors do not require any special maintenance. Please refer to the digital user manual for more information on how to care for our double edge safety razor.

What is the safety razor for men made of?

The metal model consists of a razor head and a brass handle. For our bamboo razor, the head is still brass but the handle is bamboo. Our blades are made of Swedish stainless steel with a platinum coating.

Discover the double edge safety razor and our other durable products

In the midst of a busy day, shaving is a time to relax. To make your experience more enjoyable, Bambaw offers a range of sustainable shaving products such as the vegan shaving brush and the beard care set. Respectful of your skin and the environment, our zero waste alternatives will perfect your shaving ritual.