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Step One towards Zero Waste


Each day thousands of tons of plastic waste from single-use products endanger nature and all its life forms. Just the daily global consumption of plastic straws is enough to wrap around the Earth’s circumference 4 times.

“It’s just a straw” -  said 8 billion of people

Since it is impossible to clean up all plastic currently in the world, our mission is to care for the future of our planet with small changes that can make a big difference.

Luckily, the general awareness is slowly opening towards the zero-waste movement. What has started as a grassroots movement is gaining traction. Indeed, more people start to realize that pollution and eco-system unbalance has become a threat to all life forms on earth including us, humans. 

The UK Plastics Pact and the EU's proposed ban on straws and single-use plastics are a great example on how countries are taking action in this zero-waste revolution.

A big Thank you to everyone who is helping move the zero-waste movement forwards, one step at a time. Exciting new possibilities are being found, with no need to compromise on quality or style.

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu